Still Carrying Separate Phones? Find a Smarter Way

carrying two phones?

Do you use two phones for work and personal use?

Is it a smart way to carry separate phones?

Mobile communication is supposed to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, most people end up using mobile phones in a way that makes their life difficult.

For example, carrying and managing two phones at a time isn’t easy. People who do carry separate phones would relate to this.

Some people think having two phones improves their productivity as they can easily separate work and professional communication.

However, they end up spending more time and money in an attempt to draw a line between personal and professional life.

At this point, you might be thinking how to separate work and professional life with one phone. Is it even possible?

In this post, we’re going to explain why it’s not productive to carry a separate phone and how you can streamline your personal and professional communication using a single phone.

Why do people carry a personal and a work phone?

Before we talk about the smarter way to manage communication, let’s take a quick look at why people have to carry separate phones.

Today, home and work have become increasingly mixed up. With work hours consuming most of your day, it’s easy to imagine work-related problems trickling into your personal life.

Whether or not you like your job or business, you don’t want to have a negative impact on your daily life. This is where people think of owning a second mobile phone.

Control is probably the leading factor that led people to carry two phones:


For some people, owning two mobile phones is a nightmare. Nevertheless, they use two phones to not let their job or business pass through their personal device.
So for example, when you go home after a hectic day at the office, the last thing you want to see is an email from work ruining your mood. People don’t want work-related stress to disturb their life at home.
So, having two phones seems like a good solution to maintain work-life balance. You simply switch off the work phone and have a sense of control over your communication.

2.Constant access

Another reason people carry two phones is to ensure constant communication. Using the same number for work and personal use leads to missed calls.

For a business owner, a missed call could mean a missed business opportunity. With a dedicated work phone, they’re in a better position to reach customers at all times.

When you have a dedicated work phone number, it becomes easier for your customers or colleagues to call or message you without disrupting your work-life balance.

How carrying two phones isn’t a smart thing to do

While there are certain advantages of carrying two separate phones, don’t forget to consider the disadvantages.

1.Increased costs

Getting work and a personal phone can be expensive. You spend more money on individual plans for each phone.

Spending extra money doesn’t make sense when you can use one phone to handle both work and personal life in an efficient way.

2.More stuff to carry

Carrying two phones, one laptop and then their charger and other accessories can be a tough job.

If you’re already tired of carrying documents and other work-related stuff, adding another phone to your office toolkit doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Not to mention, carrying two phones in your pockets doesn’t feel comfortable. You could easily lose one of the phones when taking care of your business or work.

3.Loss of focus

Time is precious especially for those who have a job or business to run. Checking texts and notifications of two phones can waste plenty of your time.

This can easily distract you and prevent you from focusing on tasks that matter the most.

So, don’t let an extra phone cost you money and time. Make a smart move and use one phone to separate work and personal communication.

Virtual phone system: a great alternative to carrying two separate phones

Virtual phone systems are an awesome way to resolve your communication-related challenges once and for all.

Platforms like Callplicity allow you to get a virtual phone number and use it as a dedicated line for work or business.

You don’t have to use two sims in a single phone. Instead, you download the Callplicity app to receive and make business calls on your local business number.

Unlike using traditional landline numbers, you’re not bound to be in your office to receive or make calls or messages. All you need is an internet connection to run the Callplicity.

If you’re not sure how a virtual phone number works, read the following post that explains it all:

Virtual Phone Number: How Does it Work For Your Business

Be smart: stop Carrying two separate phones

Callplicity is a simple app, effective enough to discipline your work and personal communication.

You don’t need a dedicated piece of hardware to run the app. Everything happens within your phone. Here is how Callplicity works:

  • Select a local phone number (you can port your existing number as well).
  • Try out a free plan to see how Callplicity can make your life easier.
  • Download Callplicity app on your Android or iOS system.
  • Start communicating from your new or old business phone number right away.

Callplicity is a feature-rich app designed to simplify your work-related communication.

If you want to learn more about Callplicity, call 1(855)202-3600 or drop an email at!